The story behind this “Bow Pouch”

*In Shopping mall*

I was visiting a mall after 25 days. Yes! That’s what a job does to you! Oh Yea! I’m a Post Grad now :D
Coming back, I was going through a clothes rack, with a hand full of clothes. Although I was able to lay my hands on some good clothes, I just could not feel the thrill. At that very moment, I saw a beautiful top and started walking ahead to check it out. In that very moment, I turned my neck 45 degree left with my mouth little open and eyes sparkling. It was this beautiful pink bow pouch and the most unusual thing was the shape of the bow.


Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover Review

I have been very loyal to my favourite Maybelline eye and lip makeup remover (Review HERE) and MAC Cleansing Oil (Yet to Review) from past one year but since I spotted it while shopping for basic stuff, I decided to pick this.


Streetwear Color Rich Mega Shine Lipgloss “Ruby Dazzle” Review and Swatches

If I was buying these lipglosses online, I probably would have never bought this shade because the shade is nowhere near to its name. On the contrary, it’s a gorgeous pinky brown shade with micro shimmers.


Say hello to the gorgeous lady in town!

Say hello to Shanaya!
Yes! The pretty looking lady you see on the lipstick tube, her name is Shanaya!

Finally, I was able to get my hands on this new collection of Streetwear. I brought 5 products and I’m starting with the review of this one.


Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick “Pink Carnation” Review and Swatches

I just saw today that I have 60+ review folders in my lappy and before I put in any other beauty product folder, I just hope that I’m able to post at least half of the reviews pending in my lappy.

Yup! Let me just wish! *_*
So, now coming to this lipstick, I also posted it in my Jewellery and makeup haul HERE.