'Fiama Di Wills' and 'nYah' Shower gels Review

 Hey everyone!

Many had a good laugh at me today! As I was walking down the road, heading towards Bikaner to have yummy gop gappe, I saw an old dear friend of mine at a distance and I immediately waved my hand at her. But unfortunately she did not notice and drove back in her car. And, people around me thought that I was an idiot who was waving her hand just like that in the air!


"Love You..Till I Find Someone Better" > Maybelline Products!

 You know how there are some evergreen products in our makeup stash that we keep buying, because either we just can't get that quality at those affordable price tags or the shade is just so so pretty! So, these are the Maybelline products I'm addicted to. I have emptied more than 3-4 bottles of this hyperglossy liquid eyeliner and have re-purchased this beautiful pink lip balm for around 4-5 times.

Yes, of course I was inspired by the title from "Durjoy Dutta's" book! For record, I didn't read it. Or Should I say I couldn't. I didn't find anything different. I'm more of a fan of genuine love stories like those of Nicholas Sparks..Anyhoo,


My Makeup Tricks For My Small Eyes

 Hey everyone!
Today, I wanted to give my two cents regarding some tips on how I do eye makeup for my small eyes. Hope you find them useful!:)

A winged eyeliner gives the illusion of a longer upper lid. Make sure to not make it so thick that it covers your entire eyelids, which will make your small eyes appear smaller.


DIY Nail Polish Rack

Yea! Never Understimate a girl! Huffffff!   o_^

I know! Posting after 5 days! I wish I could say I was on a break,relaxing with books but the bitter reality was that my dissertation project and some other things had consumed my energy! And, I indulge in crafts and candies to recharge my finished battery! And, that's how I made this! I was also bored of my previous DIY Nail Polish Rack. See it HERE

So, to do this DIY Nail Polish Display Rack, You'll Need:

1) Sturdy Boxes (Depending on your need! I choose shoe boxes with strong cardboard and three)
2) Acrylic glue
3) Thin paper to cover them
4) Tape
5) Candies
6) Patience


Colorbar I-Glide eye pencil “Amethyst spark, 011” review and swatches

I love colorbar I-glide eye pencils! They are a boon for my oily eyelids where most pencils transfer to the crease area and smudge easily. I use liquid eyeliners mostly but when I do want to go for colors on my eyes, I turn to these!


Blog Sale Begins!

This blog sale is open to all Indian residents. If you want to purchase a product, comment on this post and leave me a mail for the same at vanitycasebox@gmail.com within 12 hours to confirm. You need to make the payment within 48 hours. You can still bid on an item that has been already been bid for by someone else. In case the first bidder does not confirm the purchase by mail within 12 hours, the product goes to the second bidder.

-        Online NEFT Transfer
-        Cash Deposit: Rs.50 extra will be charged due to bank charges.

-        First come, first served basis.
-        If you bid for an item and then don’t buy it, you will get banned from all future blog sales and giveaways here. Comment only if you are genuinely interested.
-        The pictures that would be posted in the blog sale will represent the actual condition of the items.
-        The products will be packed with utmost care in bubble wrap but I WON’T be held responsible for any damaged parcel.
-        All products have been used (most only 2-3 times) and they will be sanitized using the cosmetic sanitizer mist.
-        I WON’T be held responsible for any change in the polish/condition of the jewellery.
-        Rs.50 shipping charge in Delhi and Rs.80 shipping charge anywhere else in India.
-        No passing around of products in the blog sale.
-        I’ll mail you my bank account details once you have confirmed the payment through mail. You need to make the payment within 48 hours.
-        I’ll courier all the products at once only and after 6 days of putting on the blog sale.
-        All sales will be final. NO RETURNS.

And, the sales begin!

                 La Roche-Posay Effaclar Toner Astringent Lotion  - Rs.500  (Expires August,2014)


                                   NYX 10 color eyeshadow palette “Smokey look” - Rs.550


NYX Lip Liner Pencil “860, Peekaboo Neutral” Review and Swatches

I’ve been wearing this lip pencil a lot these days! I love the name so much! It just fits in!

Blog Sale Date and Timings

So, come and shop. And, NO! I won't be making any April fool :|

For more details of my blog sale, read THIS

I would be adding a few more pointers and details when the blog sale is up. So, make sure to read them too :)

*Goes and sets and alarm for the date and time in her phone calendar, lest she forgets!*


Shopping Haul: When in Doubt, Buy all!

You know those times, when you step out of home thinking that you will just roam around with your friends and won't spend a penny because you know you have other important stuff (makeup) to buy but when every other shop you pass through has a beautiful bag, gorgeous jewellery, neon-*ude pumps with bows, coin purse with bow displayed outside, the shopping animal beneath you unleashes itself and then, all this happens!

                                                     *Aren't the neon earrings just gorgeous!*

                           Oh My Gawd!! I did skip a heart beat upon seeing this. It was available in 4 shades and I chose this. It was a very hard decision! I'm still in a fix in whether to use it or to keep it my drawer "Items only to be seen and not used".. Or if use it, to use it for what.. :-/  I purchased this for Rs.200 from Lifetsyle.