Avon Ultra Color Bold Lipsticks Review and Swatches

I recently got acquainted with an Avon representative and knew had to take full advantage of this. And by that, I mean get hold of as many testers I can. For now, I have bought testers for two lipsticks range and I am starting with review and swatches of one range i.e. Avon Ultra Color Bold lipsticks.

I have reviewed Avon lipsticks in past too and liked them a lot. If you can lay your hands on them at discounted prices, they are a real good deal. I got testers as the shades shown in the catalog are always misleading. The small lipstick testers allow me to see the real shade and also, test the quality. I think that one lipstick tester will easily allow me to wear the shade a minimum of 6 times. Maybe, even more.


Jewellery I didn't share with you!

I mean.. jewellery haul which I didn't share with you guys on blog.. ehihi! o_^


The Eyeliner Hack I Use For My Super Oily Eyelids

I know some girls (my dear friends! ahem!) who get away with applying a regular quality eyeliner and not experiencing any smudging problem. Then, there are women like me who have experimented with so many eyeliners, tried waterproof versions; only to find eyeliner smudging just after a few hours. Either they transfer on upper eye lids or start fading badly from outer corners.


The Eyeliner Which Forced Me To Post!

Current story of my life: Tons of pictures and more than 10 half-written posts lying in laptop. Decides to post one at any cost on Saturday..Keeps staring at post.. Moves on to write another post.. Doesn't likes that either.. Starting taking pictures in sweltering heat in balcony..comes back..closes all the folders and documents.. heads over to Fridge.. Picks up an Appy fizz (cool drink to hang out with) and grabs a packet of uncle chips from a drawer in kitchen.. starts watching a movie/reading a book..

No kidding!


Why I Love Colored Eyeliners, and You Should Too!

Okay, not a compulsion.. o_O

I want to tell you two things:

Sometimes, the signature look we have adopted for ourselves can cripple us. I had been sporting winged black eyeliner for many years, only with change in lipstick color. I wear smokey eyes and colored eyeliners only occasionally. That changed completely one day (4 months back, to be precise). As I was getting ready in morning for work and was about to draw lines on my eyes using my black eyeliner, my hands stopped. I felt bored. I was in a mood for wearing a subtle bright pink lipstick that day. I had a quick glance at my eyeliners and picked up a navy blue eye pencil. I drew the lines, noticed the change and felt so good.

I and my friend were waiting in a restaurant for the waiter to get the bill. I noticed a lady (somewhere in her 50s, I guess) entering. She sat right across my table and I couldn't stop staring at her for a few seconds. I realized how beautifully she had done her eyes. She wore a dark purple eyeliner which was sealed with a very thin stroke of black eyeliner, so as to not allow any skin to show. She was wearing a peach blush and peachy brown lipstick along with that. She looked lovely! Her makeup complemented her all-white outfit perfectly.



Sometimes you need to take a step back and look at your life, in order to take a step forward and move on in it.

Ten days back, I happened to came across THIS post and it felt like I was reading about my life bit by bit. I am only talking about the part till "How I dealt with the nightmare years." And I have to say, I did not feel good at all.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you might recall that I took a short break from blogging more than one year back and wrote THIS post. However, the truth was that I never took a break from it fully, not even close to it. I was still working on some advertising opportunities and ideas which kept cropping in my head.