Avon Ultra Color Lipstick “Wild Ginger” Review and Swatches

If you aren't into full blown away reds, try this one!


NOTD: L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Le Vernis “Disco Ball”

So, finally L’Oréal launches them in India! After a wait of almost 1.5 years! Better late than never!
L’Oréal Paris “Disco ball” nail enamel has a transparent base with midsized hexes. The nail polish is just the right consistency, which is why it dries quickly. Plus, the glitter comes out in a decent amount in just one go. I have applied only one coat in these pictures. 

NEW LAUNCH! Maybelline Rebel Bouquet Lipsticks

Yes! Finally!

I got to lay my hands on at least one product from this range. I'll be putting up the review by next week.

I wish all products from this range reach  Maybelline counter soon and I get to unleash my inner beast.

Ha ha ha ha ha! :D   ^_^



Today, I don’t have any makeup/jewellery related post for you. I just want to talk today. And, if the sentences don’t look in an orderly manner and you find a lot of grammatical mistakes, please ignore.

I’m currently in a confusing phase of my life with a lot going on in my mind. My energy meter has gone down. There isn’t any particular reason but deep inside, I’m quite disappointed with a few things and how I still haven’t learned some lessons. It’s why I am facing those situations again in my life. When I look back at myself 2 years back, there’s a hell lot of difference! I have re-discovered myself. I’m not that much of a soft-hearted girl I used to be. But looks like what I’m today is still cruel in this world (or not, maybe it’s my sadness speaking). I have learned many lessons but the lesson where I should put limits on takers is yet to be learned by me. Being a giver, I really need to set boundaries because somehow I always end up hurting myself. 


Shopping Haul!

Sales time is over.
It’s a perfect time to visit the mall now.
You won’t be tempted with any items you see in sales and you don’t need them. Coz you most definitely DON’T NEED THEM.
So, I casually enter in “Call it spring” shop, where there’s discount only on footwear.
I thank God because I don’t need shoes. I already have but oh! Wait! These pair will go with my yellow outfit perfectly..
*Opens her handbag and pretends she’s searching for her phone but in reality, she’s counting money. They are for Rs.2500 and she has only Rs.2000! Damn it! Maybe, she will use her card but..no! She’s happy and sad, at the same time!*
Now, I casually move over to the accessories section where I see a set of b’ful sunglasses. I pick them up, ogle at them carefully and casually try them on because you know, what’s the harm in trying?! Trying is good, it shows you’re brave, it shows you are capable of new..Oh my! These look gorgeous (looking at mirror)!
I casually ask the SA if they are on sale.
In my head, I bang my head with a wall and curse myself for asking that.
“Yes, they’re. They’ll cost you Rs.700”, says the woman.
“Okay, I’ll take them!” I tell the SA with a broad smile!
*Yay! Yay! I want to dance, I want to sing..Maybe, I should also get that bandana style headwrap to go with my sunglasses.. It will.. A voice interrupts*
Mam, your bill is ready! Saved by the voice!