Jewellery Haul!

I was panicking..I couldn’t find them anywhere.. I did not know what to do.. I searched and searched but to no avail.. I could not feel any thrill.. And there I was hearing the dreadful words> “Mam, Your bill is Rs.938.”

My heart broke! That was the lowest amount I had ever paid for shopping at Forever 21! You must be thinking that I am crazy and crying over for paying a bill under Rs.1000. But it is not about the bill. It’s about how I did not find anything at Forever 21 to get my heart racing and the same has been happening since 5 months! I finally asked their staff this time as to when do they plan on updating their jewellery collection and they were clueless. I only got 3 necklaces from Forever 21. Rest of the jewellery is surprisingly from Lifestyle. They had an awesome collection and I had a hard time resisting.  

      Stack of rings from Lifestyle. For Rs.399 each.


War among 5 Black Eyeliners!

Isn’t it amazing how putting just a black line on our eyes can alter our look so much and make us feel so good? And what’s better than that black line staying on our eyes for as long as we desire?! I’m always trying out new eyeliners in my quest for finding my HG eyeliner. Although I still haven’t found my HG one, I have one that’s pretty close to it. These black eyeliner/kajals are the one that I use the most and Maybelline hyperglossy liquid eyeliner almost daily. I have more black eyeliners and kajals but did not include them as these 5 are better than them.
There are 4 in picture and that’s because the 5th one is finished and ‘m yet to buy it again. It’s Colorbar I-Glide eye pencil.


Maybelline Rebel Bouquet Lipstick “REB10” Review and Swatches

Years back when I visited Mumbai, I had to board the local train there since taxis were on a strike. I remember how I managed to enter in the compartment, got my glasses and watch broken. The past repeated itself a week back in my daily metro routine. My lace top got torn a bit from the sleeves, my bag’s strap broke and I suffered a minute cut on my feet. Thankfully, I reached at my station in one piece! 


Etude House Dreaming Swan Collection 2015



Look at them! The beautiful illustrations, the gorgeous pink, purple and green shades..the net tutu on round pink pouch with bow sewn on it, the separator in floral print, the damn cute googly woosh sponge applicator, the crown drawn on lipstick, the prints of ballerina slippers and bows on everything, the nail stickers assembled in tiara shape, how the products are housed in their equally stunning boxes.. Just keep looking at them! And you will slowly fall to a good night’s sleep! 


Prada Candy L’Eau Gift Set! (From Me to Me!)

I went to buy Gucci Flora Magnolia Gracious Tuberose Perfume. I had a sample of it and fell in love with its scent! But then you know how shopping goes. You go with the intention of buying something and bring home something else! When I went shopping that day, I found good clothes (a rare sight in malls now!) with decent price tags and had to buy them. As a result of which I fell short on cash for my perfume purchase. And since my previous perfumes had finished all together, I had to buy one that day or survive without one for 10 days! The thought freaked me out and then began sample testing. 

And so I went ahead with this that came in a beautiful round pink box with bow! The bow didn’t influence my purchase (Okay! Maybe just a bit! :P)


My list of 10 Brown lipsticks!

Hey everyone!

Apologies for posting after 5 days but I’m left with little time in my hands these days. My new job is a 2 hrs distance from my home. So you can imagine how tiring it gets. The photo shoot alone takes long hours. And then there’s other important stuff too. But I’ll be posting at least 2 posts every week. For more action, you can always check out my Facebook page HERE where I keep posting random stuff :)