Streetwear Color Rich Ultra Moisture Lipstick “Persian Blush” Review and Swatches

Hey everyone!
Today, I am reviewing another gorgeous shade from this new range. I have previously reviewed another shade from it which you can check HERE.

Product description:
Give your lips a smacking look courtesy this lipstick from Streetwear. This rich matte lip colour gives the lips a soft and supple appearance, while keeping them nourished. It glides on smoothly and gives the lips a soft and supple appearance.


My Dil Goes Hmmm Hmmmm Hmmmmmm!

Resisting temptations is a serious task. It has many side effects. It makes your mind go into “Should have bought it when saw it” zone for at least a week. It gives you a tough night. It makes you eat more cupcakes. But most of all, it makes you look like a complete maniac in that store.


Lakme Gloss Addict Lipstick “Pink Temptation” Review and Swatches

Hey everyone!
Today, I’m reviewing a bright pink lipstick which I’m loving so much that I wish I could wear it every day. But it’s not work appropriate for me, so..


2 Disappointing Sephora Products

Hey everyone!

After I raved about Sephora 12 hr wear eye pencils (Review HERE, HERE and HERE),it's time to talk about some disappointments.


Deborah Milano 2 in 1 Long Lasting Cream Eyeshadow “9” Review and Swatches

Hey everyone! Today, I'm going to review a newly launched cream eyeshadow!

Product description:
Enriched with natural waxes and silicone derivatives that impart incomparable creaminess, the colour is dazzlingly deep and lasting, and simply refuses to crease or fade for up to an amazing 10 hours*. Spherical powder particles lend a silky soft feel and ensure that the shadow blends in easily and comfortably. Illuminating pears are an added bonus for a touch of spectacular radiance. 

How to use:With fingers, apply directly on clean eye lids.


Inglot AMC Lip Pencil “12” - New found treasure!

I have no idea why I didn’t come across these before! But I think I do! Previously, I only went in to Inglot store to check out the freedom system products, buy them in lot (my makeup grocery shopping :P) and now, with the price hike; my priorities there have changed. So, Thank You, Inglot! 
“Someone has rightly said that in every bad, lies good!” That in no way implies that I’m looking forward to any kind of price hike :|