My 7 Orange Lipcolors Picks!

 “Orange lips” were the it thing on runaways the previous spring and the trend went on so viral that even shy people (like me!) went on to try it! And needless to say, I totally fell in love with it! Of course at first it was hard for me to pull off this lipstick but I think I can now carry it well. Be it statement-making orange lips or translucent orange lips, you can’t let summers end without donning orange lips. With some experiments, you will find one which will look great on you. And don’t worry! The trend is still here to stay! Here are some Orange lipsticks I am fond of:


12 Products That Deserve The Golden Kela Award!

The Golden Kela awards are awarded to those Bollywood celebrities who deliver the worst performances in Hindi Cinema each year. So, I thought why leave the makeup products behind here! The only difference being that is not exactly a celebration! 

These don’t include my precious collectible products which I buy with the sole intention of staring at their beauty *_*

Moving on, most of the times I buy products after going through their reviews online and researching on them a bit more. But even then there are chances that a beauty product which a blogger likes isn’t up to my liking and vice-versa. Then there are those times when the newly launched or “over-hyped” bug bites me. And not to forget mentioning those times when the packaging of products hypnotise me and lure me into taking them home. Sigh!

 Anyhow, these are the 12 products I really wish I never bought because they perform totally different from what the company claims:


Things I love, Blogging Break and Feedback

Holaz girls! Long time, I know!

Before I begin with my chit-chatting, let me give a quick round up of some old and new products I seem to have fallen in love with. 

Colorbar “Fairytale” Matte touch lipstick: It’s a gorgeous subtle bright shade that complements so many skin tones. Yes! I made some of my friends and relatives buy it too and they too love it! I think it’s a great shade even for mature women who think most bright lipcolors are jhataak for their taste. Do check it out! Review HERE

NYX HD Photogenic concealer: It was a bit tricky to apply first but now when I have got the hang of applying it properly, it has become my life saver. And it stays for long on my super oily skin. Review HERE


Lakme 9 to 5 Flawless matte complexion compact review and swatches

Today, I have a compact to review from the brand that needs no introduction, Lakme! 


Sephora Crayon Jumbo 12hr “16, Glitter Black” Review And Swatches

I visited Sephora some days back after a long time and I wanted to feel really good but I didn’t. Their oil blotting sheets have gone from being for Rs.400 to Rs.545! And most of the products and their testers were out of stock. And I shopped for more than Rs.3000 and when I asked for samples, they said they give it now only if you shop from brands like Clinique, Dior or MUFE. And, I was like “So you don’t consider your brand as good as theirs?” Duh! On another note, their SAs were very polite and helpful. Like always! 


Oriflame The One Color Impact Cream Eyeshadow “Rose Gold” Review And Swatches

I was so excited when Oriflame launched these cream eyeshadows! Since I have super oily eyelids, using a similar color base beneath my eyeshadows prevents it from considerable creasing and fading. I instantly ordered 3 shades and here are my thoughts on one of them.