Mattify Cosmetics Ultra Powder Review

My face is like an oil producing factory and therefore, I am always on the lookout for products that can control the oil on my face for a good amount of time and prevent it from looking dull. I had read quite good reviews about Mattify brand and so, I too decided to try it. 

 Product description:
4 ways to wear Mattify powder for oily skin:
1) Alone - to minimize redness, pores & acne, while also absorbing excess oil
2) Before foundation as primer - to prevent acne & protect pores from make up. Also works wonderfully as an eye shadow primer to prevent creasing. 
3) After foundation - to create an airbrushed poreless finish and long lasting makeup
4) BEFORE and AFTER foundation - for maximum oil absorption, longest lasting makeup & skin clarity


Two Skincare Products: Dove Face Wash and Biotique Oil Makeup Remover

Hey everyone!
Today, I will discuss about my experience for two skincare products!

Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash Review

My experience with it:
Although I have a very oily skin, I still like to use very mild face washes since my cheeks are very prone to getting dry. And, when they get dry, they take a good 4-5 days to get normal but between that, they disturb my makeup. I tried a creamy face wash for the first time in summers and I loved it. I need a very little quantity with this since it lathers very well. It also removed the oil and dirt very well. Once, when I came back from office, I thought that I had removed my face makeup also when I removed my eye makeup and while washing my face I realized that I hadn’t. 


Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick “14M, Fairytale” Review and Swatches

Do you believe in fairytales? I do! I mean, not in terms of ‘happily ever after’ or “getting everything what you ever wanted”. Even after going through a lot of heartbreaks and losses, I still believe in the beauty of life, in making days more beautiful.. Because it’s hope really that keeps us alive!

Product Description:
It features the glamorous properties of a matte lipstick with valvety finish which will make you fall in love. This amazing lipstick has intense color that is creamy, soft and glides smoothly on application simply moisturising and incredibly wearable yet absolutely matte.


Everyday Soft Makeup + My First FOTD!

Yes! Finally!

Finally, I decided to throw my shyness in the bin and post my pics!


Revlon Nail Art Sun Candy “Sun Shower” Review and Swatches

                                                          *Swatch under sunlight*

You know the story.. You go out to buy your regular stuff like shampoo, face wash, cream, etc. but your eyes fell on something and then, you have a hard time moving your eyes away from it. It’s like the law of attraction.. like something is pulling you towards it, just that you didn’t imagine it coming your way! Then, you buy it and sneakily make space in your bag so that no one notices it. (In my case, it’s my mom!) She doesn’t really speaks because she knows I’m not going to react and that I’m a gone case but the loving look you get at times becomes hard to digest :P 

The same thing happened to me with this beauty! It was not just mint, but mint with glitter! I swatched it there and I was sold for it.


Shopping Haul!

Apart from other things, one of the things I’m having difficulty in adjusting with my office is that I missed on all sales! Yes, almost all! 

Throughout my 5 years of college life, I have hardly missed on my favourite sales! I used to plan out in advance only. Even if I knew my friends were planning an outing that day, I used to put in the sales place somehow in our outing map so that I didn’t miss it. It has been many-a-times when I noticed “Sales” put in bold caps lock letter on newspapers and magazines being read by others and I used to snatch politely took away them and then, rushed there to not miss it.