Oriflame Lip Addict Lipstick “Pink Kiss” Review and Swatches

When lipsticks have pretty names such as “Pink Kiss”, you are already half sold for buying it. And, the same happened with me.


L'oreal Hair Spa Cream and Curatio Triclenz Hair Cleanser Review

 *Apology for this long absence from blog but believe me I was not on a break (Although I wish!). I was engrossed so much with office work. But you are going to see a lot of posts in the upcoming days. Pakka!*


Bye-Bye to oily hair?

Hey everyone!
Today, I’m going to review a product which has been saving a lot of my time lately!


Jewellery Haul

Take the quiz below to find out if you are sailing in the same boat with me:
-            You think that brands have stopped selling good quality clothes.
-            Either the clothes have big arm holes or most of them are transparent.
-            Even the smaller brands in Lifestyle have sky rocketed their prices so much that when you visit Kazo, you find the price tags just the same.
-            The sizes are not consistent even within the same brand name.
-            Most of the bags you like are without a zip.
-            You walk out of mall thinking “If I have to buy road quality stuff only, then why not buy from roads only?!” o_O


NYX Butter Gloss “Cherry Cheesecake” Review and Swatches

When I’m shopping online, I hardly remember something to eat even after long hours. But while checking out these butter lipglosses online, it was one of those rare times when I was having the urge to eat something sweet. Why? You should check out the entire name list of this lipglosses range. It would feel like you are reading a “desserts menu” and you might even want to say > One Cherry Cheesecake, Please! ^_^


NOTD: Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Polish “Sunlit Grass”

*A girl had been saving for buying a perfume and finally decides to buy it. She enters the mall and decides to go straight to the perfume section lest she spends her saved money on something else. But before entering Lifestyle store, she sees a black coat with little roses drawn on it displayed in ‘Mango” store. She walks in closer there and notices how much it looks more pretty closer. She’s in a fix as to whether to try it or not. But then you know no harm in trying.