Avon Ultra Color Bold Lipsticks Review and Swatches

I recently got acquainted with an Avon representative and knew had to take full advantage of this. And by that, I mean get hold of as many testers I can. For now, I have bought testers for two lipsticks range and I am starting with review and swatches of one range i.e. Avon Ultra Color Bold lipsticks.
I have reviewed Avon lipsticks in past too and liked them a lot. If you can lay your hands on them at discounted prices, they are a real good deal. I got testers as the shades shown in the catalog are always misleading. The small lipstick testers allow me to see the real shade and also, test the quality. I think that one lipstick tester will easily allow me to wear the shade a minimum of 6 times. Maybe, even more.
The texture of these lipsticks is very creamy and smooth. They are well-pigmented and can cover pigmented lips fully. Shades like bare impact and starburst pink don’t offer a full coverage.
Also, they feel moisturizing for as long as they stay on lips. They impart a creamy finish at first but with the passage of time, turn into a bit of semi-matte finish. The lighter shades (Bare impact, Starburst pink) stay for around 2-2.5 hours without any eating. However, the bright and dark shades stay for quite long. Some of them also leave a light tint behind (Read: Sangria shock, Ruby shock, Magenta flush)
For the price they come at, they perform extremely well. A word of caution : Given they are very creamy, it’s best to store them in refrigerators to lend them a long life. I wear a nude lip liner with every bright shade in this category to prevent smudging problem.
Coral burst: A true coral! Striking!
Bright nectar: A beautiful wearable orange shade


Starburst pink: A barbie pink (Swatch doesn’t do justice!)
Peony pop: Orange peachy? Pink-orange peachy? Some lipsticks are really hard to describe! (Swatch doesn’t do justice!)


Pink punch: A bright yet subdued pink with yellow undertones.
Fearless fuchsia: A blue toned bright pink.


Magenta flush: A dark pinkish purple shade.
Hi-def plum: This looks like a red-based purple shade.


Extreme mauve: A bright mauve pink.
Ruby shock: A red with definite pink undertones.


Sangria shock: A plum based purple.
Vivid violet: An ideal dark plum.


Bold Bordeaux: A deep berry red
Coffee crush: A chocolate brown
Bare impact: A soft nude brown




Shades I’m loving at the moment: Bare impact, Peony pop, Bright nectar, Bold Bordeaux (although I wonder If I’ll ever wear it outside the comfort of my home) and magenta flush.
VCB Rating: 4/5
Price: Rs 399 each
Did you like any shade? Have you tried these lipsticks?

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Jewellery I didn’t share with you!

I mean.. jewellery haul which I didn’t share with you guys on blog.. ehihi! o_^

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen some of these pieces. Since past a few months, I have been finding myself shifting a bit from ebay.com to Aliexpress.com. The only reason being that Aliexpress has been quicker than ebay in delivering products. And by quick delivery, I mean 1 month approx.

        ^ I got these adorable brooches from Aliexpress, somewhere around Rs 60 each. Such a bargain! I am going to order many more and breathe a new life into my plain denim jacket.

         Strawberry earrings from Ginger, Lifestyle. Yum!

                                              My friend got these for me. I lub them!! ^_^

   I got these earrings from W. Disappointing quality. I got two more earrings from W and I faced the same issue. I think I am done buying jewellery from this brand.

                                   Mismatched earrings from Ginger, lifestyle. I got these months back! Aren’t they super adorable? ^_^

  I can never get enough of front back earrings. I love love love the flower shaped earrings. They look super pretty!

I was stalking it since months on Koovs and finally purchased it at a discounted price. I showed it on my instagram account.

These striking statement earrings (bought from Jabong)are perfect enough to amp up any outfit. They help me get my glam game just right *_*

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Next, I’m going to share a small Koovs haul. What about you? What did you shop for recently? Any good bargains you got hold of? Me wanna knows ^_^

The Eyeliner Hack I Use For My Super Oily Eyelids

I know some girls (my dear friends! ahem!) who get away with applying a regular quality eyeliner and not experiencing any smudging problem. Then, there are women like me who have experimented with so many eyeliners, tried waterproof versions; only to find eyeliner smudging just after a few hours. Either they transfer on upper eye lids or start fading badly from outer corners.

Continue reading “The Eyeliner Hack I Use For My Super Oily Eyelids”

The Eyeliner Which Forced Me To Post!

Current story of my life: Tons of pictures and more than 10 half-written posts lying in laptop. Decides to post one at any cost on Saturday..Keeps staring at post.. Moves on to write another post.. Doesn’t likes that either.. Starting taking pictures in sweltering heat in balcony..comes back..closes all the folders and documents.. heads over to Fridge.. Picks up an Appy fizz (cool drink to hang out with) and grabs a packet of uncle chips from a drawer in kitchen.. starts watching a movie/reading a book..

No kidding!

One week back:

I was hopping from one makeup counter to another like a child left in a candy store when I came across the new eyeliners launched by L’oreal. I knew L’oreal had launched new stuff but had no idea about this gorgeous shade they had launched in their eyeliners range. I swatched the buttery thing on my hand and saw the most beautiful purple eyeliner I had ever seen in my life. I stared at it like a kid does when he/she finds his favourite cartoon character in the form of a cute candy (Wait! I still do that!).

Anyhoo, I had to share my feelings about this stunning eyeliner with you!

Presenting to you L’Oreal Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner “Pure Purple”

Seven reasons why I have fallen in love with this eyeliner:

­–  It helps me turn my glam mode on. I just need two swipes of it and my favourite statement earrings.
–  It looks great with my black and white outfits.
– My recent mood swings have made my develop an aversion for very bright lip colors. So, this just came at the right moment!
– It helps me give me my classic cat eye (all Black) a makeover.
–  The texture of L’Oreal Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner is super smooth and it stays on my super oily eyelids for really long.
– The shade is electrifying yet totally wearable.

– It makes my small eyes pop when I wear it on my lower lash line.

In short, I have more than just a crush on L’Oreal Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner Deep Purple.

Price: Rs 575

VCB Rating: 4.5/5

Have you tried this new range of eyeliners? Is there any beauty product you are currently having a crush on? *_*

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Why I Love Colored Eyeliners, and You Should Too!

Okay, not a compulsion.. o_O

I want to tell you two things:

Sometimes, the signature look we have adopted for ourselves can cripple us. I had been sporting winged black eyeliner for many years, only with change in lipstick color. I wear smokey eyes and colored eyeliners only occasionally. That changed completely one day (4 months back, to be precise). As I was getting ready in morning for work and was about to draw lines on my eyes using my black eyeliner, my hands stopped. I felt bored. I was in a mood for wearing a subtle bright pink lipstick that day. I had a quick glance at my eyeliners and picked up a navy blue eye pencil. I drew the lines, noticed the change and felt so good.

I and my friend were waiting in a restaurant for the waiter to get the bill. I noticed a lady (somewhere in her 50s, I guess) entering. She sat right across my table and I couldn’t stop staring at her for a few seconds. I realized how beautifully she had done her eyes. She wore a dark purple eyeliner which was sealed with a very thin stroke of black eyeliner, so as to not allow any skin to show. She was wearing a peach blush and peachy brown lipstick along with that. She looked lovely! Her makeup complemented her all-white outfit perfectly.

What I have learned:
– You can rock a colored eyeliner look without looking like a 13 year old.
– When summers arrive, colored eyeliners can help you strike a statement with your makeup without any piling.
– You should be in love with them even more if you are a fan of lipsticks that fall in color families like brown, peach and nude.
– Breaking out of a makeup rut without adding extra time in your beauty routine is easy if you have colored eyeliners by your side.

How I pick colored eyeliners
– Formula is the top most priority, as is the case with other eyeliners of mine. I cannot afford to wear a colored eyeliner that smudges by mid-day or transfers to my upper lids. I will show you my favourite ones below.
– When I am in store and testing a new eyeliner, I swatch them on my wrist. I wait for 2-5 minutes in store and then, rub my finger slightly on them to see if they have settled or not. If they haven’t, it’s time to move on. If some eyeliners have, I move out from the store and carry on with my other shopping. I check the swatches after some 4 hours or so. I rub those swatches with my fingers again. If they are still intact, they are mine!
– When it comes to choosing colors, I like to experiment.

How I wear colored eyeliners
– I never wear it as an eyeliner alone. After drawing a colored line, I always seal it with a thin Black line. This helps me create an illusion of a fuller lash line and also, helps me to not allow any skin to show.
– I also use them to line my lower water line. Sometimes.
– I am fan of using liquid gold and liquid silver eyeliner on my lower lash line, especially when I’m doing smokey eyes. I have small eyes and lining my lower lash line using Gold/Silver really opens them. For an intense effect, I first line my lower water line using gold/silver pencil eyeliner.
– If I am wearing a deep/dark colored eyeliner, it’s okay for me to wear a complimenting bright lipstick. If I have opted for a bright eyeliner, I choose to go with soft lipstick shades that don’t interfere with the bright look.
– Always remember, your colored eyeliner should be the focus of your look.

Pictures of me wearing colored eyeliners in different ways

My favourite colored eyeliners

If you are starting out with colored eyeliners, this is my single most important advise:

Please give yourself time. You won’t embrace the change immediately. Start wearing it at home so that when you glance at mirror, you don’t feel the need of removing it then and there.  

Now, you tell me! Do you wear colored eyeliners? What are your favourite ones? If you have any questions, just drop them in the comments section below! ^_^


Sometimes you need to take a step back and look at your life, in order to take a step forward and move on in it.

Ten days back, I happened to came across THIS post and it felt like I was reading about my life bit by bit. I am only talking about the part till “How I dealt with the nightmare years.” And I have to say, I did not feel good at all.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you might recall that I took a short break from blogging more than one year back and wrote THIS post. However, the truth was that I never took a break from it fully, not even close to it. I was still working on some advertising opportunities and ideas which kept cropping in my head.

The thing with me is that my mind just doesn’t stops working. If I am interested in something (not just blog related), my mind keeps working and working and working.. It’s really hard to make it quiet! Plus, I am very hard on myself.

Cutting it short>

Let’s just say that right now there are other areas of my life which need much more attention. I want to reclaim my energy so that I can focus properly on my goals.. I don’t know how.. I have no answers but I guess sometimes, it’s okay not to know all answers in life..

As for my posting frequency on blog, I might post once a month, twice a month or even less.. You can follow me on Instagram where I keep posting something or the other..

Now you tell! What’s up with you? How are things in life?

Makeup Revolution The Wow Stick ‘Rap-ture’ Review and Swatches

Forget of the “super wow” factor, this makeup revolution the wow stick is actually super bad.

– The texture is too dry.
– It does not glides easily even after I have exfoliated my lips.
– It starts disappearing from the centre of lips just after an hour or so.
– It emphasizes lip lines super badly.
– It crumbles terribly.
 – It gets easily removed!

The shade although is beautiful, a cool toned bright pink! But no use.. 

VCB Rating: 1/5

What has been your recent regret purchase? 

Makeup Revolution Big Love Palette Review and Swatches

Makeup Revolution and affordable eyeshadow palettes are kind of synonyms. At least, that’s what I read online several times when I browsed through their reviews. So when Nykaa finally launched the brand, I was super excited about owing at least one eyeshadow palette from them. I shared some pictures of it previously HERE.

It was one tough job zeroing in on only one!

Here are my thoughts on Makeup Revolution Big Love Eyeshadow Palette:

The palette comes packed in a bright pink glossy cardboard packaging with all the details mentioned on them. The palette opens easily and shuts down perfectly each time with a click sound.

As you can see, the eyeshadows are housed in three sections. Each section contains five eyeshadows that go well with each other. I absolutely love the names!

The eyeshadows are a mix of matte, satin, glitter and shimmer. The first house consists of eyeshadows belonging to neutral family. Leaving “Last Kiss” and “weave your magic”, all of the eyeshadows go on smoothly and are nicely pigmented. I do have to tap them 2-3 times to pack on good intensity but that’s okay. They also blend out well without me having to put in too much effort. I had apprehensions with regard to the glitter eyeshadows not blending well but glad to say that I was wrong. However, I need to be extra careful when packing them on my eye lids since the texture is very powdery. 

Now coming to the staying power;
I have extremely oily eye lids. When I see them after an hour or so in summers after washing my face, the first picture that comes to my mind is that of a pool of vaseline. Yup! Hope you can imagine now!

I never wear eyeshadows without a primer and hardly ever without a creamy base underneath. So, testing eyeshadows without primer seems pretty much useless to me. I used this palette a lot in winters. With the exception of shades Chameleons (yellow toned gold) and Weave your magic (charcoal Black), I wore all shades. Even after some 5-6 hours, the eyeshadows were very much there with negligible fading which is very impressive. Of course, the staying power of some shades is higher compared to rest. When I set them using a finishing spray, they last for very long!

My favourite shades are “Into the night” which is a beautiful glittery copper (although not very glittery on eyes), absorbed (pink toned purple), simply stunning (beige with cool undertones) and Romantic moments (beautiful highlighting shade in satin finish). 

All in all, the palette is worth its price! Also, Nykaa keeps holding sales. So you might like to wait for weekend to arrive to buy this palette at a discounted price. I got it for Rs 1080! Wuhaha!  B-)

Price: Rs 1350
VCB Rating: 4/5

Have you tried this eyeshadow palette from MUR? Anything else you bought from this brand?

Superstar lip moisturizers!

Lip balm was the first beauty product I ever owed. I am pretty sure this holds true for many of you ladies out there too. Needless to say, I totally heart them and hoard them like crazy. So when Island Kiss team asked me if I would like to try out their lip balms, I couldn’t say no. Here are my thoughts on them:

One look at them and I was instantly reminded about the packaging of The Balm cosmetics. Island Kiss is a new Indian brand based in Goa. They have introduced 3 lip moisturizers which are 100% organic and 100% pure, with an impressive ingredients list. More information here: myislandkiss.com 

 All of them came packed in super pretty boxes which have every bit of information written on them. The boxes even had small shells in them. I am glad that the lip moisturizers have a slanted tip applicator because that makes application easy. Since these are oil-based, they are incredibly hydrating. I need to use very less quantity for my lips. They even have a weak sweet taste. They work like a charm to smoothen lips when used 10 minutes before application of lip stain and matte lipsticks. I squeeze out a tiny amount of quantity and blot before applying lipstick.

I have been using ‘Puerto Berry Blush’ variant a lot which has a lovely berry red tint. It’s one tinted lip moisturizer that packs a punch! After I have re-applied it 2-3 times, it stains my lips and the stain stays for long. Even longer than Benefit Benetint stain! Me likey! I didn’t try it as a blush because of the texture being too emollient. I am pretty sure I will be finishing this soon! If you are a fan of subtle berry red shades, you must give this a try.

My mom has been using the ‘Alma Vanilla and Inges Lavendar’variant (transparent on lips) since more than a week on her forever parched lips and she has been loving it.

‘Cherry Blossom Flares’is the only variant I wouldn’t go out wearing somewhere since the milky shade is a mismatch on my lips. So I use it in my night-time routine.

All of these colorful lip balms also have SPF 15! Brownie points! 

The quality of these lip balms makes them heavenly, especially for those who suffer from parched lips.

Price & Quantity:

Alma Vanilla and Inges Lavendar: Rs 399, 14g

Cherry Blossom Flares: Rs 399, 14g

Puerto Berry Blush: Rs 499, 14 g (Wish the price was lower)

VCB Rating:4.5/5

Have you tried Island kiss lip moisturizers?

Disclosure: Product sent by brand. Honest review, as always.

Thrilled To Discover This Shade!

I am a fan of everyday bright lipsticks. The sole reason behind that being that these kind of lipsticks freshen up the face without screaming for attention. When I swatched this lipstick in store, I didn’t expect that this shade would change my world upside down (beauty world! ahem!).

I find it so beautiful!

Colorbar Velvet matte lipstick “Thrilling Pink” is a shade which is neither too bright nor too unexciting. Although I am not sure if it would suit sun-kissed beauties.

The texture of this lipstick is pretty smooth and glides on lips comfortably. It is nicely pigmented and offer my lips full coverage in two swipes. I am so happy that it has a long staying power. It hardly transfers and even with meals in between, it fades very little from the centre of lips. But since it stains, I don’t see any uneven ring formation on my lips. With a touch-up by mid-day, the intensity gets even more strong. 

I have really fallen in love with Velvet matte and matte touch lipsticks range from Colorbar! Beautiful texture and amazing staying power!

Price: Rs325 (I would have so loved to include them in THIS LIST!)

Quantity: 4.2gm

VCB Rating: 4.75/5

Have you tried Colorbar velvet matte lipstick Thrilling Pink? Which is your favourite pink lipstick? 😀